About Us

Parnami is a well known name in the marking devices and commercial real estate industry. A humble start was taken by its original founder Shri J.K. Parnami in 1965. Over the years family business grew and became a leading marking device manufacturing and real estate group known all around as "Parnami".

Its manufacturing arm focuses on a wide range of marking devices and packaging solutions. The real estate arm specializes in ownership, development and management of commercial real estate across industries.

At Parnami, we serve thousands of customers with a wide range of marking devices including Die Plate Dater, Time & Date Stamps, Line Daters, Numbers, Self-Inking Stamps, Phase Stamps, Stamp Pads, etc. including Photopolymer stamps making machines.

We consistently seeks to improve our quality and efficiency and provide our clients with a competitive pricing policy.

We believe that with professional layout of our products, equipped with a firm structure, excellent impressions and easy operations, we will be able to provide our clients with maximum satisfaction.